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BROKEN LINKS | 2013-11-08

Some fresh reads from around the inter-nets! Starting with today, Larry Poole discusses how pastors can lead their people through the 4 Stages of Giving.  Great insight here as to what goes through everyone’s when it comes to giving.  It shouldn’t be a chore, but a choice (and a wise

BROKEN LINKS | 2013-10-16

Some fresh reads from around the inter-nets! Farmers Get It – Do You? is a solid read from Greg Stier over at Greg lays out the similarities between seed planting and evangelism perfectly, pointing out that we need to keep planting seeds wherever we go, and trust that God will water

BROKEN LINKS | 2013-10-10

It’s been a while….here’s what’s been happening around the inter-webs of cyberspace! John Piper has a guest post up at, challenging people (read: me!) to not do God’s Will Like an Athesist.  Honestly felt that doing good for the sake of good…was good!  John drives home the point

BROKEN LINKS | 2013-10-01

Posts and articles from around the internet. Enjoy! Another solid read from the “What I wish I’d Known About…” series at The Resurgence, this time from John Reich.  John touches on Energy, Family, Mistakes and More.  Kimm Crandall writes a letter to all of  the Discouraged Moms  (saying there’s a few would

BROKEN LINKS | 2013-09-27

Posts and articles from around the internet. Enjoy! Mike Breen has an interesting read at The Verge Network, asking why The Leadership Movement is Leaving Our Church Leaderless.  For anyone in a leadership role, pastors, elders, deacons…anyone….this is a question worth considering. The “What I wish I’d Known About…” series at The Resurgence keeps rocking

BROKEN LINKS | 2013-09-24

Posts and articles from around the internet. Enjoy! Lisa Robinson has a guest post at, discussing the many Theological Caricatures People Have Made, while Ben Reed points out 10 Things Church Visitors Never Want to Hear.  Also at, Nicholas McDonald puts emphasis on the need for Christians to

BROKEN LINKS | 2013-09-17

Posts and articles from around the internet. Enjoy! Starting off this afternoon with a post from Terrace Crawford at Terrace discusses Ten Prayers that today’s Millennial’s need, and he nails it. Another solid post at comes from Mathew Lee Anderson, questioning if the christian-ese phrase “Jesus is

BROKEN LINKS | 2013-09-12

Posts and articles from around the internets. Enjoy! Great stuff over at! Ed Stetzer gives great insight on the different views on discipleship, and how to fix those views (prayer anyone?) while Thomas Schultz gives thought to the many reasons why people stay away from church. J.D. Payne

BROKEN LINKS | 2013-09-06

A collection of articles and posts from the web over the past week. Enjoy! The Resurgence continues with their “what I wish I’d known about…” series. Adam Ramsey talks about youth ministry and performance preaching, given some awesome insight as usual. Elsewhere at The Resurgence, Elyse Fitzpatrick confirms that

BROKEN LINKS | 2013-07-18

Does anyone else have a wish list like this at Relevant Magazine? I might have a few! Huge congrats to YouVersion on their achievement of 1oo million downloads. Who doesn’t have this app on their phone! Over at The Christian Post, a solid way to kick start your devotional

BROKEN LINKS | 2013-06-26

Awesome articles and insight from around the web! Relevant Magazine shares an interesting thought on being a christian and drinking… Pastor or Professional? explores the difference, and how to find value if they are one in the same… Vincze Miklós ponders what happens to churches when religious residents